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Traffic Accident | 腰痛・肩こり・頭痛の根本改善 | あきる野市スリジエ整骨院


Traffic Accident

Do you have such a problem in a traffic accident?

・Neck pain…
・I don’t know how to use traffic accident insurance in Japan…
・Looking for a clinic that I can use traffic accident insurance…
・I want to receive treatment by the specialist for the injury by traffic accident…

Features of our hospital

Reservation Only
1.Reservation Only
Nationally qualified practitioner
2.Nationally qualified practitioner
Open on weekend and holidays
3.Open on weekend and holidays
Welcomes bringing children
4.Welcomes bringing children
Featured in some medias
5.Featured in some medias
Open until 10pm
6.Open until 10pm

Please feel free to contact us

Nice to meet you.
Our hospital has established a traffic accident treatment center in Akiruno City.
Many foreigners live in Akiruno City.
In our area, using cars is indispensable for a convenient life, and cases of traffic accidents by foreigners are increasing.
You can use traffic accident insurance at this hospital. Please feel free to contact us.